Times change.
Slang changes with it.

Talking to kids means knowing the language

Some terms in this glossary might be familiar. Others, not so much. Because marijuana is illegal for kids – and until recently, for most adults – users have become endlessly creative in calling it by anything other than its real name. The slang is still constantly evolving, but the terms below will help you recognize the references kids are currently using.


Did you know?

In AZ, 14% of 8th graders, 30% of 10th graders, and 41% of 12th graders reported ever using marijuana. A fifth of seniors have used it in the last 30 days or are regular users.


An extreme form of vaping using concentrated marijuana (see: Wax) through a device called a dab rig. A “dab” of concentrate is placed on a part of the rig called the “nail,” then heated with a lighter or blowtorch to produce vapor. The vapor is inhaled through the pipe, sometimes passing through a chamber filled with water. Concentrates used for dabbing are highly potent, and the method is designed to maximize the dose that’s delivered to the user.


Increasingly, young people are using smokeless devices to vape liquids or cartridges that contain THC. Vaping does not produce the same telltale smell as smoking, making use easier to conceal. Vaped marijuana also tends to be more potent with higher concentrations of THC. 


Cannabis wax is an extract named for its soft, malleable texture that resembles wax. Because wax can take on so many nuanced forms, it may also be called butter, badder or honeycomb. 

Wax Pens

Wax pens (sometimes called dab pens) are similar to the devices used for vaping cannabis oils, but often provide users with flexibility in choosing which type of marijuana concentrate to use. This allows users to step up the potency as they become more experienced – making them particularly hazardous for kids.


You called it “weed” back in the day. It’s actually the dried flowers of the plant, smoked in many kinds of ways.


A pre-roll is a ready-to-go joint filled with cannabis that you can buy from the store. Pre-roll has become the industry-preferred term, rather than “joint” though many cannabis consumers still call them joints. 


Compounds in the cannabis plant, such as THC and CBD, which have the ability to interact with cannabinoids receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid systems. These interactions may result in a variety of effects. 


Short for tetrahydrocannabinol, refers to the primary chemical compound responsible for cannabis’ euphoric and mind-altering effects. THC can provide a range of different feelings, from relaxation to anxiety and paranoia.


A non-intoxicating compound produced by the cannabis plant that is popularly used for a variety of medical applications including pain, anxiety, and seizures. It is most commonly extracted from the cannabis plant and prepared into oils, edibles, and vape products.

Slang terms for Marijuana

  • Brownies (edible form)
  • Kush
  • Bud
  • Hash
  • Mary J
  • Ganja
  • Trees
  • Green
  • Gas
  • Dank
  • Zaza or Za


Drug dealer / marijuana source 

Emoji Slang

🍃, 🍁, 🎄, 🍃, 🥦, 🍀, 🌴


🔌 A plug, i.e., a drug dealer

💨 Smoking marijuana

⚗ Used to indicate a bong

⛽ Gassed, i.e., high. Can also refer to high-quality marijuana

🔥 To “blaze,” another term for smoking or getting high